This forum will be mainly about an upcoming game I will be making called Digimon VS Pokemon. If you want to help out just say so!
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 Digimon Storyline

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PostSubject: Digimon Storyline   Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:49 pm

This will be the very very first part of the digimon story. I named him Eddy because it's my nickname.

Digimon VS Pokemon

A boy is running energetically into a somewhat futuristic room. The boy named Eddy suddenly stops and shouts to a man walking slowly behind him. "Come on Dad! Hurry up! It's time to get my partner digimon!" Eddy shouted. His father replies," Calm down, I'm on my way," and says to himself silently," Kids these days." Both of them go up to the registration counter where a friendly man asks them," Hello! How may I assist you?" Eddy's father replies," I would like my son here to get his partner digimon today." The man says to the boy," Here, just sign out this form and you will receive your three digimon." " Three digimon!" the father and son both reply. " I thought you only get one," Eddy's father said surprised. The man replied," That was about ten years ago, due to complaints you now get three," Eddy, who had a smile on his face, said," Well, that stops me worrying about choosing a digimon over the other the other." Eddy grabs the clipboard and fills out the questions. Q1: What is your name? Eddy. Q2: What digimon out of the six listed do you like? Agumon, Veemon, and Guilmon. Q3: What do you name them? Pepper, Vee-Vee, and Pyro. In case you wanted to know, the six digimon that were listed are Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon, Gabumon, Wormmon, and Renamon. Eddy handed the form to the man who said," Alright, now that I have the info, I'll insert it into this computer." " Finished!" said the man," Now, here is your digivice." Eddy replies," Cool! My very own digivice! But, where's the digimon?" " They're in the digivice, just send them out." "Like this?" Eddy said pointing out the digivice," Nothings Happe- Right at that moment three pieces of shoot out of the device as 01 data, and right in front of his eyes, the three data turn into Agumon, Veemon, and Guilmon!
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Digimon Storyline
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