This forum will be mainly about an upcoming game I will be making called Digimon VS Pokemon. If you want to help out just say so!
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 Pokemon Storyline

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PostSubject: Pokemon Storyline   Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:20 pm

This here is the pokemon part of the storyline. And once again his name is Eddy.

Digimon VS Pokemon

A young boy named Eddy is talking to his mother and father. " I'll be alright, don't worry," Eddy said to his worried mother. " Please Eddy, do be careful," his mother would say to him. "Whenever you find a wild pokemon, fight with all your might!" his father would say, but not without his wife replying," How could you say that?!" With his goodbyes Eddy left his house to look at the pokemon in the wild grass. Then, suddenly, he heared a cry for help," S-somebody h-help me!!!" a voice stammered. Eddy, who hesitated a little bit, ran through the wild grass and found where the cry was coming from. " Who's there?" Eddy asked and got a response,"Over here! Eddy turned and saw a trainer who was cornered by three Rattatas. At that moment Eddy realized there were three pokeballs right next to his foot. " Go ahead! Take one! anything would be great!" the trainer shouted. Eddy chose the pokeball in the middle and said," Well, here goes nothing!" Eddy then threw the pokeball and the pokemon appeared to be a Charmander. Once the Rattatas set their eyes on Charmander, they charged at him, the battle has started! " Go, Charmander use ember!" Eddy shouted. " Now, use scratch!" he yelled. The Charmander seemed to be stronger than the Rattatas had thought, so they fled leaving an exhausted Charmander who was about to topple over! " Thanks for saving me," the trainer said. " No problem!" Eddy replied, the trainer responded," You know what? You can keep the Charmander, and to show you my appreciation, I can get you an appointment with a pokemon professor," " You really mean it?!" Eddy asked.
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Pokemon Storyline
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